Airium mobile
Airium mobile
Airium Mobile

Airium mobile caters to the specific needs of your operations staff with a wide array of applications while providing information and dashboards to the management on demand on smart devices to keep the business on track to success every minute.

Airium mobile
Highlights and Functions

  1. Control your hotel operation 24/7 from anywhere on your mobile device. Quick Access to Dashboards and relevant reports on mobile
  2. One Click Overview of ARR & Occupancy levels etc.
  3. Food and Beverage ordering system
  4. Integration with check-in and check-out solutions
  5. Real-time order processing with PMS systems
  6. Interactive menu with images, ingredients and customer feedback and rating system
  7. Specifications include: Food & wine ordering system optimized for Android based tablet devices
  8. A sommelier on a mobile device: detailed descriptions of the house wines and vintage