Airium Leisure
Airium Leisure - Centralized Rental System
Airium Leisure : Centralized Rental System
Real- Time Multi Channel Rental Technology

Airium Leisure provides a robust cloud-based Centralized Rental System (CRS) ideally suited for a stand-alone operation or a multi-location organization. A comprehensive enterprise-grade central rental system with highly multiplexed functional channels for managing and maintaining tiered pricing and product inventory while leveraging yield management strategies.

The Leisure CRS is a turnkey solution that allows for real time information management including: rental reservations, dynamic pricing, inventory availability and related ancillary services with integrated processing of sales through the cloud based technology that allows multi-channel reservations – ranging from jet skis, bicycles, RV’s, kayaks and boats to drink orders, spa appointments and more. Any leisure activity is just a click away!

Airium Leisure - CRS
Key Features

  1. Compact, desktop “format”, full-page document scanning, RFID function
  2. High resolution 500 PPI imaging with brilliant image quality. Visible white, IR, UV illumination, and OVD visualization
  3. Proprietary glare free imaging function for efficient OCR and bar code reading
  4. Real-time rate quote and management
  5. Real-time inventory and availability verification
  6. View rental reservation reports and customer information
  7. Easily integrates into an existing website
  8. PCI Compliant Level II
  9. Define specific product types, rates and periods
  10. Sell inventory real-time online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  11. Manage dynamic pricing modules with rates management features
  12. Supports multiple rate categories and rate periods
  13. Delivers reservations to point-of-sale-systems (POS)
  14. Instant email notification with confirmation number
  15. Accessible any time, from anywhere with web access