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Airium Passport Scanner
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Combo Smart: Full-Page Passport scanner with OCR Software library & SDK

The passport scanners are a series of compact, full-page, multi-purpose passport and ID scanners that provide automatic, accurate data extraction and document verification. They read multiple document types: passports, e-passports, ID cards, visas and driver’s licenses. Printed data is extracted from the entire data page and from bar codes. It also extracts digital data from contact-less (RFID) and contact smart chips and from Magstripes.

Airium Passport scanner
Key Features

  1. Compact, desktop “format”, full-page document scanning, RFID function
  2. High resolution 500 PPI imaging with brilliant image quality. Visible white, IR, UV illumination, and OVD visualization
  3. Proprietary glare free imaging function for efficient OCR and bar code reading

Main benefits

  1. Reading and verifying ICAO and non-ICAO compliant ID documents accurately
  2. Processing complete passports (ICAO MRZ, General VIZ, RFID and more)
  3. Achieving single step OCR and RFID reading for higher security and speed