Airium Hotel Management Software
Airium Internet Booking Engine
Airium IBE

Widening your distribution to all those travelers who are looking for a hotel on the internet should be an integral part of your sales strategy. Airium IBE allows you to convert your website into a 24x7 reservation centre.

Main Features
  1. Online real-time bookings & Web tools used to achieve a higher “look-to-book” ratio
  2. Rooms can be sold across the entire hotel chain in a single Web portal
  3. Loyalty scheme that makes visitors come back
  4. Manage room inventory, rates and reservation rules
  5. Online visitors have the ability to build a travel itinerary across own chain of hotels or other affiliated hotels
  6. Supports multiple currencies and card types
  7. Ability to create sub-agents to market your rooms

Airium Property Management System
Airium PMS

A powerful Property Management System will enable you to manage your reservations with minimum hassle, expedite your check-ins and check-outs, improve staff productivity and provide flexibility in your day-to-day operations. Airium PMS will do all this for you, while eliminating the costs associated with traditional systems.

Main Features
  1. Arrivals and departures at a glance
  2. Rooming list creation made easy
  3. One click access to key PMS operations such as Check-ins, check outs, cashiering
  4. Features for room blocking, changing rooms, and managing VIP’s, etc
  5. Expanding existing bookings with additional guests or switching main guest Call accounting capabilities
  6. Seamless express Night Audit functionality completed in a matter of seconds
  7. Up-to-date house status giving to the minute snapshot of the hotel property
  8. All food and beverage outlets, spa, mini bar and amenities consumption posted against guest folio in real-time
  9. Enhanced guest profile management with details of stay
  10. Versatile billing features including posting room and extras charges, adjustments, encashment, split billing, early settlement and check-out.

Airium Central Reservation System
Airium CRS

Airium CRS offers business flows for Reservations, Contracts & Rates Management, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Travel Agent Management and Performance Analysis through effective reporting.

Main Features
  1. Handling all types of reservations with availability summary on demand
  2. Setting up diverse contracts and rates such as FIT, Group, Travel Agent , MICE, etc.
  3. Processing split charges, shared reservations, negotiated rates, and rate discounts
  4. Multiple advance deposit methods – cash, credit card, vouchers
  5. Supplements that bring in additional revenue streams such as services and excursions
  6. Centralized guest profile management
  7. Flexible guest feedback management system
  8. External Payment Portal enabled to make payment for stay from anywhere, anytime
  9. Marketing campaign management
  10. Performance reporting - properties, distribution network Reservation performance analysis, and forecasts
  11. Relationship marketing features enable you to build sound relationships with your customers